5 Tips to Perfect Your Modern Kitchen Design

Modern designs are a popular style for many kitchens today because of their sleek, geometric nature and sense of space. This style generally features a more flay look than other kitchen designs generally featuring flat cabinetry with little to no hardware. Check out these five tips to help you design the perfect modern kitchen. 

Get Custom Designed Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, or RTA cabinets, can be custom ordered exactly to your specifications and shipped directly to your home in a matter of days. Cabinets are the main focus of the entire modern kitchen design featuring sleek, flat lines, solid colors, and minimal hardware. 

By getting them custom ordered from an RTA cabinet supplier, you can be sure to get the exact cabinets that you want without the hassle of struggling through physical store sales pitches and inquiries. In addition, they are low-cost cabinets with professional-grade quality that can compare to any in-store product for a fraction of the price. 

Create Space Using Reflective Material

One of the most desirable features of modern kitchen design is the sense of space that the design creates. In general, this is achieved through the combination of horizontal lines, flat surfaces, and lighting. In addition to these features, reflective materials such as marble or stainless steel are a great way to build on the sense of space by emphasizing natural lighting to open the area. 

Reconsider Your Kitchen Layout

Not all kitchen layouts are ideal for a modern kitchen design. If you are struggling to find a way to make your kitchen really feel modern, your layout may be the problem. Common modern layouts include the following:

  • L-shape layout
  • U-shaped layout
  • Galley layout (compact with no angle)
  • Island layout
  • G-shaped layout
  • Straight-line layout

Show Off A Multifunctional Island

One of the most common features of a modern kitchen is the Island which is the center point of the entire design. In general, a modern kitchen design features a multifunctional Island that can be used as a prep area, cooking area, eating area, or study area. Because this area is the focal point of the entire kitchen and will most likely be the feature that gets the most use, be sure to show it off in a way that stands out while remaining cohesive with the rest of the design. 

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Finally, one of the most important design features of any modern kitchen is the lighting. You can have the perfect modern design but without the right lighting, the sense of space and natural light just won’t be the same. Multi-layered lighting is common so that different areas of the room can be featured at different times. In addition, sleek, flat fixtures with LED bulbs are also common. 

With these five modern kitchen design tips, you are sure to develop the kitchen of your dreams the way you want it. For more information about custom RTA cabinets and modern design ideas, check out our gallery or contact us to start your design today!