RTA Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Install Ready to Assemble Cabinets

Ready to assemble cabinets, also known as RTA cabinets, are an excellent way for homeowners to remodel their kitchen economically.

RTA cabinets are exactly what they claim to be; kitchen cabinets that are delivered to you ready to assemble. This means that all the kitchen cabinets have been designed and cut to your specific requirements, all you need to do is unpack them and assemble them right into their designated space. RTA cabinets also come with all the hardware you need to assemble and even have all the drill holes ready for you to go. And with our step-by-step guide, you’ll have your dream kitchen in no time! Let’s talk about some of the benefits of RTA cabinets.

What are the Benefits of RTA Cabinets:

  • High-quality materials 
  • Economically priced because you do part of the work 
  • Customized to meet your exact requirements 
  • Easy to assemble (basic tools are required to complete the work, all the holes are drilled for you and they come with easy-to-follow instructions) 

RTA cabinets enable you to create the kitchen of your dreams, without compromising on quality and in a price range that can’t be beat. 

How to Get Started

So you are looking to remodel your kitchen with new cabinets but don’t know where you start?

Trusted RTA company

First and most importantly, you will need to find a company that you can trust. Do your research, check their work, and even their reviews. You can also order samples so you can get an idea of what the quality of work is like before purchasing. 


With RTA Direct, finding the design you want is easy. Simply navigate through the online catalog and browse the beautiful selection. 

If you are unsure, then you can see what they will look like with a free design service, which will allow you to visualize your new kitchen before you order anything. 


Accurate measurements are vital to creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Once you know which design you would like, the next step is taking accurate measurements so you can make your order. These measurements will describe what size cabinets you want and where you are planning on putting them. 

How and what you measure will entirely depend on the status of your current remodel. If you already have a layout, then you will be able to send the layout to the RTA company who will be able to provide you with a quote. If you are just starting your remodel, then you will need to obtain measurements and examples of the designs you like, so a tailored layout and quote can be made for you. 

When obtaining measurements, you will need to consider:

  • Taking both horizontal and vertical measurements
  • Mapping out the measurements to create a floor plan diagram 
  • What height you want the cabinets
  • Whether you want cabinets built up to the ceiling 
  • Where the doors, windows, gas lines, switches, water lines, etc. are located
  • What kind of appliances you currently have, what size they are, and where they will be after the remodel e.g. would you like the microwave within a cabinet, on a shelf, or the counter?
  • Any special instructions of requirements

Make sure you are confident that your measurements are accurate by double-checking them and taking lots of photos to supply.

Once your RTA cabinets have been quoted, ordered, and delivered, it is time to install them.


Before installation, taking a moment to ensure the environment is safe is of utmost importance. 

Make sure:  

  • you have the correct tools and personal protective equipment (PPE), for example, gloves and safety glasses, that will enable you to do the job properly and safely
  • Any power, water supply, and gas has been disconnected before you start work 
  • Remove any items, appliances, rubbish, debris, and anything that is not necessary for the installation that could get in the way or could be damaged 
  • Ensure all walls and areas are prepped and ready for the cabinets to be installed 


With everything provided for you, installing your new RTA cabinets should be smooth and easy. 

Once the site is safe to use, as above, then you can prepare for installation.

First things first, make sure everything you don’t need is cleared out of the room. Prepare the room with everything you need, the RTA cabinets, tools, and equipment, as well as any cleaning or prep that you need to do beforehand. Make sure you have your design, measurements, and instructions in close range at all times. 

Tips and Tricks to Help with Installs

Whether this is your first time installing RTA cabinets, or you have some experience, these top tips will help you to prepare for the installation. 

Check the Box 

When your RTA cabinets arrive, it is important you first check the box to make sure everything you need is in there. This will help eliminate any delays on the day of installation. 


Make sure you have all the correct tools and PPE before you start assembling your new cabinets. These are typically a drill, screwdriver, a level, nail gun, and rubber clamps. The instructions will be able to tell you if there is anything else you need.

Schedule a Time 

Make sure everyone in the household is aware of the installation, to ensure there are no distractions, and all food preparation is organized before everything is shut off and out of reach. This is also important if you have any other contractors you are a part of the remodel. 

Protect your RTA 

There may be some time between your RTA cabinets being delivered, and installation. While it is important to check the box to ensure everything is there, it is also important that you put them away carefully and store them in a cool, dry location until they are ready to be installed. Exposing the cabinets to any water or dampness could damage them.


Before you get started, make sure you clean the area where you will install the cabinets and ensure it is completely dry. You may also wish to put a protective sheet on the floor or existing structures to prevent damage. 

Get Some Help 

Depending on the size of your cabinets, the size of your remodel and your experience in installations, you may wish to see if a friend or family member can be there on the day to lend a helping hand. Another pair of hands can help keep parts steady and make the installation easier and quicker. 

How to Start 

It is always best to start from the highest point and work your way across, and then down. Measure and mark the spots with a pencil before you hang anything. Make sure you check each cabinet as you go along to ensure they are tight to the wall, are level, and all line up correctly. 

Finishing Touches 

Always leave the drawers, doors, trimmings, and moldings until the end. RTA cabinets are an excellent choice for a beautiful remodel, without compromising on quality or price.