Top Kitchen Style Trends For 2022

Kitchen trends can change from year to year, and 2022 is no different. A range of colors, materials, and styles have come into newfound popularity this year. From antique white kitchen cabinets to our bold Charleston saddle cabinet range, here’s what to expect from the top kitchen style trends for 2022.

Antique Meets Modern

2022 kitchen designs seem to favor the combination of the traditional (think antique white kitchen cabinets) with the on-trend. Combinations include farmhouse-style dark cabinets with sleek light wood and retro kitchen wallpaper with stark charcoal countertops. Homeowners seem to be moving away from the showhome to wanting to create a feeling of warmth. After all, the kitchen is the center of the home. However, we aren’t completely prepared to leave the modern age behind, which has created this fun new fusion-based kitchen trend.

Bold Cabinet Colors

The 1960s and 70s saw the world experiment with bold and eye-catching designs, and 2022 has brought this design trend back full circle. Yet color experimentation has matured this year, with a tendency to use bold yet darker hues like navy, grey, or dark green. People tend to use their kitchen cabinets to express themselves in 2022, with the ever-popular shaker ranges expanding into bold new color territories. At RTA, we have a stunning range of grey shaker cabinets if you are looking for statement colors in your kitchen.

Multipurpose Kitchens

With the world adapting to working from home, many people found their dining room table becoming their office space. Rather than this changing with the world opening up, many people are finding that they like this multi-space setup. Individuals with a kitchen and home office in one will benefit from diverse storage units, where they can store both their office supplies and kitchen utensils. The multipurpose kitchen trend has led to an increased demand for higher and deeper storage units, with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry becoming the norm.

Illusion Of More Space

On the other end of the spectrum from darker hues, many people are favoring lighter and brighter designs to create the illusion of more kitchen space. With many of us spending more time at home, lighter spaces can be uplifting and feel more spacious. We have a range of white cabinets available if you simply want to brighten your kitchen and help the space feel larger. Brighter kitchens also lend themselves better to multipurpose spaces to stop the room from feeling cluttered or cramped.

Decorative Spaces

In the past, kitchen spaces were seen as more functional than decorative. But in 2022, people want a kitchen that seems artfully and thoughtfully put together. Glazed tiles, bold art, and cookery books are taking center stage in a year that sees many people wanting to open their doors to friends and family again. With decorative spaces, less is definitely more, as individuals seek to create one or two bold statements in their kitchen.

Are you looking for a new kitchen design in 2022? At RTA Direct, we can help you with our free kitchen design tool, to help match the room to any cabinets you need. Talk to us today to find kitchen cabinets on trend for 2022.