Unique and Crafty Uses for RTA Cabinets You Should Consider

You might think that ready to assemble cabinets are only used in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. This isn’t the case at all! Ready to assemble cabinets can be used just about anywhere in the house, and you can reuse cabinets when you are done with them. Due to their strength, durability, and long-lasting nature RTA cabinets are great for being turned into other things. Below we will take a look at some ideas and creative uses for the cabinets that may have once been in your kitchen. 

Reading Corner 

If you are interested in creating a lovely, cozy reading corner in your home then your old kitchen units will make the perfect bench for you to sit on. If you take your shorter cabinets to create the bench and then install some padding and upholstery to the top you can create a beautiful, comfortable place to sit. You can also make storage in the front of the bench using the cabinet doors that you have laying around. This saves the need for having books, magazines, and other stuff lying around. 

Home Command Center 

Similar to the reading corner above, you could create the same bench for your home command center. Instead of storing books inside it, you could create somewhere to keep shoes. Get the shoes out then sit on the bench to put them on. You could also build family lockers for your command center and use them to store individual coats and book bags for school. This way you won’t ever have to ask where are anyone’s shoes or coat are ever again. 

You can use taller pantry cabinets to achieve this look. You could leave the lockers open or you could install doors on them with pretty individual handles. You could get a rug to go underneath your command center to finish off the look, and this will also to make sure that there is no dirt being tracked through the house. If you store slippers in the doors when you head out then you can swap when you get back home. 


If you are working from home or need to have a home office for any reason, then your RTA cabinets might come in handy for making a desk. If you take a couple of cabinets and attach them to the wall, then place a countertop over the top of these you have your very own solid hardwood desk. This type of sturdy, beautiful desk could easily end up costing you a lot of money if you were to buy one in-store. To ensure that you have a neat-looking desk with no wires sticking out you can make holes in the back of the cabinet to store the wires. You could also create a desk with storage by following the method above but then adding the doors onto the cabinets. You could also create more storage in your home office by using the cabinets above and below the desk attached to the wall. 


If you have always wanted a bookcase but weren’t sure which one to get, why not make one? Using the RTA cabinets and removing the doors give you some nice bookcase/shelving units. You could also make a tallboy using some of the taller cabinets from the pantry. Take the doors off and you have yourself a lovely fresh new piece of furniture. 

Laundry Room Hideaway

If you think your laundry room is looking a bit bare and boring then we have the best idea for jazzing it up. You might want a storage room with some storage built-in, especially if you want to cover up your washing machine or tumble dryer. You could reuse the cabinet that once covered up your dishwasher in the kitchen. Hiding away your utility room makes it look much neater and tidier in general gives a sense of functionality, beauty, and stylish design. You could use some of the smaller cabinets to make cubbies for towels and sheets, or stuff that is waiting to be ironed. You could also make a cupboard for your ironing board and iron so these aren’t getting in your way. The possibilities are endless!

Home Entertainment Storage

If you are looking for a way to reuse your kitchen RTA cabinets then you could move them into your living room to create a home entertainment storage unit and TV cabinet. Depending on the size of the unit you want you will need to use about 2 or 3 cabinets. You can save a fortune by using existing materials you have, and they can be added too if necessary in the future. You need to make sure there is enough storage space for games, consoles, DVDs, and maybe even a drawer to keep the remotes safe. You can paint this to match the color in the room so it doesn’t stand out, remember to allow it time to dry if you are painting it. You should also make a hole in the back of the cabinet for the various wires that are needed. 

Bed Base 

If you have shopped around for a high-quality reasonably priced bed base for ages and struggle to find one you love, then look no further. We have just the thing you need - a bed base made of the kitchen cabinets that once held your cereal. You can be as creative as you want with this idea - you can have it without the doors or make storage for your linen and bedsheets. The smaller cabinets that you tend to use higher up the kitchen wall will be the perfect height for the base of the bed. You will then need a flat piece of plywood so the mattress has a flat surface to rest on. 

Garage Storage 

You might need storage ideas for your garage or man cave. If this is the case then create some super stylish storage using the RTA kitchen cabinets. Organization storage for your garage can be expensive and it won’t just be one rack that you need -  most likely you’re in need of several, which will push the price up. Instead, take your old cabinets and transform them into the storage you have always wanted. You could have a row of storage above and below a workbench or two rows above on the top wall of the garage. This will allow you to store everything away so your garage is looking tidy. 

Whenever you’re in need of storage options throughout the home, consider your old RTA cabinets. In many cases, even buying new ready to assemble cabinets is a cheaper, more effective option than some of the more standard choices for your needs.