How To Place an Order With RTA Direct

At RTA Direct, We try to keep things simple. Here's how it works if you know what you need.   

Step 1.) Select one of our 11 RTA Door Styles on the Home Screen.  

Step 2.) Scroll through the catalog of available items to find the cabinets that you need and add them to your cart.

Step 3.) Check Out using our Secure Checkout process.  


If you aren't sure exactly what you need to order, please navigate over to "How To Measure" for instructions on measuring your existing kitchen space.  Our Design Service is free to All of our customers!

Step 1.) Download and read through our instructional measuring guide.

Step 2.) Measure your kitchen and email it to us at Designs@RTADirect.com.

Step 3.) Within 48 Hours you will receive a very thorough design packet that contains a cabinet order list including any accessories you may need such as toe kick, fillers, scribe etc...  Our design packet also includes color renderings that will help you to visualize your new kitchen.