4 RTA Cabinet Accessories That Give You All The Options You Need

At RTA Direct, we understand your storage needs. There are numerous accessories available at our RTA cabinet store to make spaces that are easy to reach, have additional storage options, and fit in seamlessly with your kitchen design vision. Read on for our top picks when it comes to accessories for your ready to assemble cabinets! These accessories give you all the options you need in your kitchen.

Best Accessory For Hiding Bins: Rev-A-Shelf Waste Pullout

Are your bins clashing with your kitchen design? Our rev-a-shelf waste pullout cabinets are perfect for snugly hiding your bins in your kitchen. We have Rev-A-Shelf single or double pullout ranges, allowing you to choose the best option for your kitchen, depending on how much space you need. The single range comes with one white bin, and the seamless soft-close system is so silent, you can throw away your trash and no one would even know your bins were there.

Top Accessory For Those With Lots Of Herbs & Spices: Rev-A-Shelf 3” Base Filler Pullout

The 3” base filler pullout is perfect for creating an easy reach cabinet for your herb and spice storage. The three-shelf pullout allows you to easily view all your herbs and spices and avoid the frustrating repurchase of something you already own. The stylish and subtle holding rails ensure that your herbs and spices won’t spill or fall out of the unit. This discrete storage solution is perfect to maximize space in your kitchen.

Ultimate Accessory For Organizing Your Pots & Pans: Rev-A-Shelf Glideware Pullout

The glideware pullout is an innovative cabinet design that allows you to vertically store your pots and pans and pull them out only when you need them. Seven adjustable hooks are available for vertical storage, and style is accounted for with the wooden glider available in maple or grey. There are even three slide configurations to suit the location of your cabinet. The beauty of glideware is that it frees up storage below the pullout so you can still utilize the space in your cabinet. 

Necessary Accessory For Those Who Need More Countertop Space: Rev-A-Shelf Pullout Appliance/ Mixer

This revolutionary pullout solution allows for appliance storage and countertop space to maximize your kitchen units. The shelf stores appliances of up to 60 lbs, with shock dampening and spring tension to act as additional storage within your cabinets. When you wish to use your appliance, the pullout rises out of the cabinet and vertically aligns with your existing countertop. It even has soft-close technology to avoid any unwanted noises or damage to your appliance or cabinets.

Find The Right Cabinet Accessory For You

As well as options for optimizing storage, there are also additional add-ons available for your ready to assemble cabinets, including floating shelves, wall microwave shelves, wall wine racks, and a range of additional style items from circular feet to modern corbels and arches. At RTA Direct, we have a huge range of cabinet accessories to give your kitchen units additional style and space.

Contact us today for advice on the right accessories to meet your cabinet and kitchen needs. Our customer support team is on-hand to help you with the kitchen of your dreams.