Tips For RTA Installs

Buying your dream kitchen has never been easier thanks to ready to assemble designs. Instead of having to choose each aspect individually, you can choose one design and get it custom fitted to the exact size and shape of your kitchen. 

No matter if your kitchen does not match the shape and size that you see, our design software will adjust the measurements so that the kitchen cabinets you choose will fit your home. 

What Is A Ready To Assemble (RTA) Kitchen?

A ready to assemble kitchen (RTA) is one that you can purchase from looking at a design and install into your home yourself to achieve the look you are wanting. These can be fitted yourself or with the help of an expert.

Instead of running around trying to find the right size cabinets and worktops to suit your kitchen, you can rely on ready to assemble designs to suit your kitchen, no matter its shape or size. And with our design software, you will be able to see each cabinet style in your virtual kitchen space. This gives you the most detailed and realistic view of what your kitchen could look like.

Why Use Ready To Assemble Kitchens?

As opposed to worrying about running out of money by purchasing individual aspects of the kitchen or stress about materials not matching, you can rely on RTA kitchens to align with your budget and needs. Instead of finishing your kitchen renovation and being disappointed with the mismatched finishes, you can enjoy exactly what you paid for. RTA kitchens come ready to assemble with all the pieces necessary at one low price.

Another great advantage of ready to assemble kitchens is that you can assure that the style that you want will fit your kitchen. There is nothing more disheartening than purchasing a cabinet, getting it home, and it not fitting. 

Whereas when you purchase a ready to assemble kitchen, the measurements can be tailored to your kitchen and preferences to ensure that it is going to fit perfectly. 

Tips For Ordering And Installing Ready To Assemble Kitchens

If you are chooe to install the ready to assemble kitchen yourself, here are some tips:

  • Clear the space: you will want as much space as you need for the job to be as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible. You won’t want to be tripping over things when you are trying to install each feature. 
  • Organize the boxes in number order: the boxes will likely be in numerical order. Before you begin, organize the boxes in order so that you know which one is next in the installation process. 
  • Check for damage: although damage is highly unlikely, ensure to check for damage of the parts before you begin. The last thing you want is to finish the project and realise that something is chipped or marked. 
  • Read the instructions: when you have laid out the boxes and checked for damage, read the instructions carefully. Knowing what needs to be done before starting the job will help you avoid any difficult hurdles and confusion. 
  • Gather your tools: you will need tools to complete the job. Gather your tools so that you are ready to start and know that you have everything you need. 

Why Use RTA Direct?

Choosing RTA Direct is ideal if you want to attain an affordable yet high-quality kitchen to suit your home perfectly. There are an array of designs and price margins to choose from. Thus, no matter your end goal, we can help you get there.